Known for his skills as storyteller, Dutch DJ / Producer Rubzman uses deep, funky and uplifting dance music to take his audience on an adventure with every set he plays. His fascination for technology and computers began in the early 80’s when a young Rubzman started making music using a 4 track sampler. After visiting a number of raves his love for electronic music grew and he decided that there would be no life for him without it.

Rubzman takes inspiration for his distinctive musical style from his experiences as part of the Vision Impossible veejay team. Influences from the organic movement of images and colors from his video productions are also heard throughout his DJ sets and music productions. A warm blend of sounds and cinematic build-ups are part of his signature sound.

This year saw the release of his first EP on the Cosmic Disco Records label. A second EP, on which he collaborated with Wndlrs was release on Berlin based label Code2. Both EPs were well received within the Amsterdam deep scene.

Over the past few years Rubzman held various residencies in his hometown Amsterdam, where he played venues like Panama, Paradiso, the Sugar Factory, the Cue Bar and Club NL. Taking his performances to the next level, Rubzman is currently working on perfecting his live set.

Mixing and producing with real-life partner and lover DJ Lady Ace creates a unique synergy between them and allows them to set up a music platform called 130Technotravellers.

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